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8th of September 2018, Katowice


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Adrian Chlubek

Coder, at day a backend web developer, after hours a 3d graphics programmer that uses C++, GLSL and C#. A shader fanatic, low level graphics API enthusiast, lover of mathematics, physics, cosmology and astronomy.

Piotr Cieślak

Gameplay designer at Carbon Studio working with VR for 3 years, since the beginning of the current generation. Fascinated with this new technology and willing to work with it more in order to research it. His work experience comes from finishing 3 titles: Alice VR, The Wizards and recently released The Wizards: Trials of Meliora. Since childhood fascinated with concept art, music and promotion of culture. Even now he is regularly playing pen&paper RPG in a role of a Game Master.

Leszek Godlewski

Rendering Engineer at EA DICE, fascinated with drawing pretty pixels fast for as long as he can remember. Alumnus of the Faculty of ACECS at the Silesian University of Technology, The Farm 51, THQ Nordic, The Astronauts, Flying Wild Hog and Starbreeze Studios.

Łukasz Hacura

Co-founder and CEO of Anshar Studios. A computer science graduate from Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland, he has worked in the video game industry for the last 12 years. He began as a video game programmer in 2006, becoming a lead programmer in 2008 and eventually rising to executive producer and head of studio at City Interactive Katowice at the end of 2011. He worked at City Interactive until the founding of Anshar Studios. Specializes in running the company, business development and video game production process.

Aleksander Kauch

Lead gameplay programmer in 11 bit studios. Worked on almost every 11 bit's game including Anomaly series, This War of Mine and Frostpunk. Lectured in programming at Warsaw University of Technology and Academy of Games and Post-Production. Experienced in programming, game architecture and overall game development.

Grzegorz Mazur

Programmer. Information Technology graduate at Warsaw University of Technology. Currently Co-Boss and Technical Director at Vile Monarch. Previously worked for 11 bit studios where he was Lead Programmer of This War of Mine and Sleepwalker`s Journey. Specialized in gameplay and AI programming. Teacher at Warsaw Film School and Academy of Games and Post-Production. Amateur musician and board games enthusiast.

Mateusz Osuch

A programmer. Graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology. After ten years of working in business software development decided to come to the Dark Side and focus on creating video games. Has been working for Vile Monarch since. Programmer of Oh… Sir! The Insult Simulator. A games programming lecturer at the Warsaw Film School. An amateur musician.

Maciej Pryc

Gameplay programmer, graduate in Computer Science from Silesian University of Technology, has been working in gaming industry for six years. He has gained his professional experience in The Farm 51 company while working on Deadfall Adventures and Get Even. Currently, he works on medieval RTS game Ancestors Legacy in Destructive Creations studio. Because of his interests in game design, he spends some of his work time on long discussions with designers and in his spare time, he takes a role of game master during tabletop RPGs sessions.

Filip Szeląg

Game designer from Cracow, working in the game industry since 2011. His career started at Reality Pump, where he had an opportunity to learn a difficult art of game design from one of the most experienced creators in Poland. He is currently working at Destructive Creations on Ancestors Legacy - a squad-based real time strategy, inspired by medieval European history. Filip has graduated from sociology studies at AGH University of Science and Technology; he also has experience as a journalist. He is passionate about video games and physical activity, be it running to catch a frisbee or traveling (to a warmer places).

Grzegorz Wątroba

Programmer with 8 years of experience not only in gamedev industry. Writes code mostly in languages with 'C' in the name. So far, he worked on AI, UI and tools for different platforms for companies like: Bloober Team, iFun4all, Nano Games, Autodesk, Gamedesire, One More Level and Xara.

Last 2 years focused mostly on optimization.

Filip Zieliński

Programmer with passion, experienced full-stack developer. I left the business domain for game dev.

I'm interested in code optimization, programming multiplayer games and the games architecture.

Also strongly believe in Unity3D, dependency injection and data oriented programming.

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